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Volunteer Application: Part 2 - Testimony


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All volunteers who serve in a Leadership capacity are asked to complete Part 2: Testimony of the Volunteer Application

Please list your cell phone in the phone number field below. If you do not have a cell, then list a home phone.

*For which ministry are you completing this form?:
*Have you repented of your sins and put your trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? Please give a brief testimony of how you became a Christian.
*In 30 words or less, please explain the essence of the Gospel as if sharing it with a non-Christian.
*In what ways are you growing in your walk with Christ?
*Who or what accountability do you have for your spiritual growth right now? 
*Electronic Signature:
If a copy of this agreement is needed please contact the MEFC office at 989-631-4411.

Please click Submit only once- this may take a minute. 

You will get a thank you message upon successful completion of the form.