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DateOpportunity TitleCampusMinistryRole
Ongoing***General Inquiry***Midland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsGeneral Inquiry
Ongoing**Adult Check-In Attendant 1st ServiceMidland Free ChurchAdultAdult Check-In Attendant
Ongoing**Adult Check-In Attendant 2nd ServiceMidland Free ChurchAdultAdult Check-In Attendant
Ongoing**Assistant 2nd Service: 3rd GradeMidland Free ChurchChildren's3rd Grade Sunday School Assistant
Ongoing**Band MemberMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsBand Team Member
Ongoing**Camera Team Member- Technical ArtsMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsCamera Tech
Ongoing**Communion Team MemberMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsCommunion Team Member
Ongoing**Executive Event Food HostsMidland Free ChurchExecutiveEvent Host
Ongoing**GoLocal (60+ Opportunities!)Midland Free ChurchGoLocalGoLocal Inquiry
Ongoing**Life Group LeaderMidland Free ChurchLife GroupsLifeGroup Leader
Ongoing**Production Team Member- Technical ArtsMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsComputer Graphics Tech
Ongoing**Provide Meals- Pastoral Team MeetingMidland Free ChurchExecutivePastoral Team Meal Provider
Ongoing**S4K Guest Check In- 2nd ServiceMidland Free ChurchChildren'sGuest Check-In Attendant
Ongoing**S4K Supervisors- 2nd ServiceMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSupervisor
Ongoing**Stage Team Member- Technical ArtsMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsStage Hand
Ongoing**Teacher 2nd Service: KindergartenMidland Free ChurchChildren'sKindergarten Sunday School Teacher
Ongoing**Usher- 1st ServiceMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsUsher
Ongoing**Usher- 2nd ServiceMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsUsher
OngoingAdministrative VolunteerMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeAdministrative Volunteer
OngoingBaptismal Team MemberMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsBaptism Team Member
OngoingBarista for Coffee Connections CafeMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsCoffee Connections Team
OngoingBulletin PrepMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeBulletin Volunteer
OngoingCG Administrative AssistantMidland Free ChurchGoLocalCG Administrative Assistant
OngoingCG Clothing DriveMidland Free ChurchGoLocalCG Clothing Drive
OngoingCG Food MinistryMidland Free ChurchGoLocalCG Food Ministry
OngoingChair Ministry Team MemberMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeChair Ministry Team Member
OngoingCleaning and HousekeepingMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeCleaning and Houeskeeping Volunteer
OngoingDecorating Team MemberMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeDecorating Team Member
OngoingExecutive Event HostsMidland Free ChurchExecutiveEvent Host
OngoingFM Fundraising Banquet HelpMidland Free ChurchGoLocalFM Fundraising Banquet Help
OngoingFM Leading Weekly bible studies in the jailMidland Free ChurchGoLocalFM Leading Weekly bible studies in the jail
OngoingFM Pray at the JailMidland Free ChurchGoLocalFM Pray at the Jail
OngoingFM Writing letters to inmatesMidland Free ChurchGoLocalFM Writing letters to inmates
OngoingGP Assist Summer VBSMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Assist Summer VBS
OngoingGP Christmas OutreachMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Christmas Outreach
OngoingGP Coordinate EventsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Coordinate Events
OngoingGP Donate fall school suppliesMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Donate fall school supplies
OngoingGP Mentorship/outreachMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Mentorship/outreach
OngoingGP PrayerMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Prayer
OngoingGP Tutoring through Central Park Elementary SchoolMidland Free ChurchGoLocalGP Tutoring through Central Park Elementary School
OngoingGreeterMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsGreeter
OngoingGrounds/LandscapingMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeLandscaing for the Lord Team Member
OngoingHandyman/Skilled TradesMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeHandyman/Skilled Trades Volunteer
OngoingHost for Coffee Connections CafeMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsCoffee Connections Team
OngoingHost for Discover Midland FreeMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsDiscover Midland Free Host
OngoingHost/Cook for Lunch with the PastorsMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsLunch with the Pastors Host/Cook
OngoingIV Co-lead Bible StudiesMidland Free ChurchGoLocalIV Co-lead Bible Studies
OngoingIV GiveMidland Free ChurchGoLocalIV Give
OngoingIV PrayerMidland Free ChurchGoLocalIV Prayer
OngoingIV Serve on Timothy TeamMidland Free ChurchGoLocalIV Serve on Timothy Team
OngoingLead GreeterMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsLead Greeter
OngoingLife Group HostMidland Free ChurchLife GroupsLifeGroup Leader
OngoingLifeClinic Administrative SupportMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Administrative Support
OngoingLifeClinic Bible Study LeaderMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Bible Study Leader
OngoingLifeClinic Board MemberMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Board Member
OngoingLifeClinic Christmas PartyMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Christmas Party
OngoingLifeClinic Church LiaisonMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Church Liaison
OngoingLifeClinic Client AdvocateMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Client Advocate
OngoingLifeClinic Computer AssistanceMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Computer Assistance
OngoingLifeClinic Event ParticipationMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Event Participation
OngoingLifeClinic Fatherhood Support MentorsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Fatherhood Support Mentors
OngoingLifeClinic Food PreparationMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Food Preparation
OngoingLifeClinic Healing Grace VolunteerMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Healing Grace Volunteer
OngoingLifeClinic MaintenanceMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Maintenance
OngoingLifeClinic NurseMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Nurse
OngoingLifeClinic Prayer SupportMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Prayer Support
OngoingLifeClinic ReceptionistMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Receptionist
OngoingLifeClinic Supply RoomMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLifeClinic Supply Room
OngoingLL MentorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLL Mentor
OngoingLL PrayMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLL Pray
OngoingLL Trained DoulaMidland Free ChurchGoLocalLL Trained Doula
OngoingMAP Join CommitteeMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMAP Join Committee
OngoingMAP Lead awareness events and trainingMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMAP Lead awareness events and training
OngoingMAP ParticipateMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMAP Participate
OngoingMAP PrayMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMAP Pray
OngoingMarriage Class TeacherMidland Free ChurchFamily MinistryMarriage Ministries Preparing Coordinator(s)
OngoingMarriage MentorMidland Free ChurchFamily MinistryMarriage Mentors
OngoingMarriage Ministry Leadership Team MemberMidland Free ChurchFamily MinistryMarriage Ministry Leadership Team Member
OngoingMarriage Social CoordinatorMidland Free ChurchFamily MinistryMarriage Ministries Preparing Coordinator(s)
OngoingMOD BeddingMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Bedding
OngoingMOD Clean ToysMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Clean Toys
OngoingMOD ClothingMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Clothing
OngoingMOD Food PreparationMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Food Preparation
OngoingMOD LTRO Bible Study LeadersMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD LTRO Bible Study Leaders
OngoingMOD LTRO Chapel Service LeaderMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD LTRO Chapel Service Leader
OngoingMOD LTRO Crisis Shelter AssistantsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD LTRO Crisis Shelter Assistants
OngoingMOD LTRO DonateMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD LTRO Donate
OngoingMOD LTRO Job MentoringMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD LTRO Job Mentoring
OngoingMOD LTRO Relationship BuildersMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD LTRO Relationship Builders
OngoingMOD Maintenance and RepairMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Maintenance and Repair
OngoingMOD MiscellaneousMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Miscellaneous
OngoingMOD Soup KitchenMidland Free ChurchGoLocalMOD Soup Kitchen
OngoingNM Assist with Girls Night Out EventsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalNM Assist with Girls Night Out Events
OngoingNM Coordinate EventsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalNM Coordinate Events
OngoingNM Donate backpacks or foodMidland Free ChurchGoLocalNM Donate backpacks or food
OngoingNM Mentor WomenMidland Free ChurchGoLocalNM Mentor Women
OngoingNM Mentor/discipleMidland Free ChurchGoLocalNM Mentor/disciple
OngoingNM PrayerMidland Free ChurchGoLocalNM Prayer
OngoingPicnic/Potlucks Team MemberMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsPicnic/Potulck Team Member
OngoingProvide Meals- Elder Board MeetingMidland Free ChurchExecutiveElders Board Meal Provider
OngoingRC DriverMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRC Driver
OngoingRC Lead CoordinatorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRC Lead Coordinator
OngoingRC PrayMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRC Pray
OngoingRC Serve Food, Sign-in, photo boothMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRC Serve Food, Sign-in, photo booth
OngoingReceptionist VolunteerMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficePhone Volunteers
OngoingRF Activity Director CampMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Activity Director Camp
OngoingRF ChildcareMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Childcare
OngoingRF Give FinanciallyMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Give Financially
OngoingRF MentorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Mentor
OngoingRF PrayMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Pray
OngoingRF Provide birthday "Gifts"Midland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Provide birthday "Gifts"
OngoingRF Provide FoodMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Provide Food
OngoingRF Write letterMidland Free ChurchGoLocalRF Write letter
OngoingSH Day Camp Mentor/CounselorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Day Camp Mentor/Counselor
OngoingSH General MaintenanceMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH General Maintenance
OngoingSH Leadership Development InvolvementMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Leadership Development Involvement
OngoingSH LiaisonMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Liaison
OngoingSH Midland Free Day Camp counselorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Midland Free Day Camp counselor
OngoingSH Nursing AssistantMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Nursing Assistant
OngoingSH Prayer SupportMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Prayer Support
OngoingSH Summer Camp Mentor/CounselorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalSH Summer Camp Mentor/Counselor
OngoingSHiNE AssistantsMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSHiNE Choir Volunteer
OngoingSHiNE Check-In AttendantMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSHiNE Choir Volunteer
OngoingSHINE CO-LEADERMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSHiNE Choir Volunteer
OngoingSHINE CRAFT SET-UPMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSHiNE Choir Volunteer
OngoingSHiNE SubstituteMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSHiNE Choir Volunteer
OngoingSHiNE TeacherMidland Free ChurchChildren'sSHiNE Choir Volunteer
OngoingSnow Removal Team MemberMidland Free ChurchFacilities / Church OfficeSnow Plowing Team
OngoingVideo Team Member- Technical ArtsMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsComputer Graphics Tech
OngoingVocalistMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsVocal Team Member
OngoingWelcome Center GreeterMidland Free ChurchCare & ConnectionsWelcome Center Volunteer
OngoingWorship Dance AssistantMidland Free ChurchWorship ArtsWorship Dance Assistant
OngoingYL Financical DonorMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Financical Donor
OngoingYL Provide a meal for Leadership MeetingsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Provide a meal for Leadership Meetings
OngoingYL Provide a meal for Young Lives ClubMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Provide a meal for Young Lives Club
OngoingYL Wyldlife LeadersMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Wyldlife Leaders
OngoingYL Young Life Committee MemberMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Young Life Committee Member
OngoingYL Young Life LeaderMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Young Life Leader
OngoingYL Young Life Mentor for Teen MomsMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Young Life Mentor for Teen Moms
OngoingYL Young Life Prayer TeamMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL Young Life Prayer Team
OngoingYL YoungLives Childcare ProviderMidland Free ChurchGoLocalYL YoungLives Childcare Provider